PT Vertical Integration International is a leading provider of ICT solutions, premium ICT consultancy with the main objective on project and support services in the Information Technology sector. Our company has several clients located in major cities in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Our company also receives several calls every month from other companies who want to establish partnership with our company. Therefore, the partnership is important. Some of the things below will define why partnerships are important? What makes the partnership a success? And with so many opportunities available, how do we choose the right partnership?

When viewed from the partnership function, does the partnership have a great value when viewed from products focused on supporting clients. For example When two or more organizations consider a partnership, Does the involved organization have the same value that allows the partnership to function synergistically? It needs to remain positive and productive through success and challenge, since the majority of partnerships, over time, are likely to be tested. Through trials, partnerships can self-destruct or grow stronger.