About Us

Vertical Integration International was established in 2004 as provider for ICT solution for enterprises, a premium ICT Consulting Company with a main focus on IT Projects and Support Services. Through the years, we have grown by leaps and bounds, and have developed and expanded our service offering to become a successful Innovative Technology Provider. With offices based in Jakarta 3 locations and Bandung 1 location, our team is made up of the best technologist professionals in the industry, with years collective experience between them, and our services are backed by strategic partnerships with leading technology brands.

In 2010, we restructured our operations and changed our name to VI-System with a renewed focus on expanding our service reach to Government and Education sectors while also exploring opportunities in Smart City Solutions Provider and Defense Industries . Currently, a substantial percentage of our clients are based in major big cities, however, we also have a presence in South East Asia market and growing access to Europe.

Our vast experience and proven track record of service delivery has seen us work with some high profile clients in a multitude of industries, including Ministry of Education, Universities, Schools, Municipalities, Province, Defense industry and  as well as Government.

We pride ourselves in delivering  high-end solution, as we work towards our vision to become the Innovative technology provider.


Vertical Integration group has industry innovative services that leverage our comprehensive portfolio of products to address the unique business requirements of specific industry segments. Our expertise and technology services are designed to address complex application and systems integration requirements across diverse enterprise environments. With solutions for cloud computing, Vi-System can give advanced technology services with solutions that are integrated from application.

To be no.1 in solutions for SmartWorld

At Vertical Integration, we create and provide innovative technology to lead new market.