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Vertical Integration is a leading innovative group and now is becoming one of the Indonesia most recognized and respected company. Conceived in 2004 by Andrey Hidayat, the Vi-Group has gone on to grow successful businesses in sectors ranging from Technology & Education Content provider, Magazine & Digital Media, Lifestyle-Retail solution, Smart City Solution & parking management and Software & Application Developer.


We deliver innovative business and technology solutions that enable users to transform their business, capitalize on digital convergence and quickly launch new business models to gain competitive advantage and more effectively manage operational costs.

We are passionate professional and focus on result. We remain low profile, and we understand that success is a result of hard work and persistence. We value teamwork, integrity and innovation to be shared across the companies and integrated with our business principles. We focus on the details and always try to challenge ourselves with higher achievement. 
We value intelligence more than experience. We believe that anything is possible. We move as fast as we can and take risks. We like to get and give autonomy and responsibility. We are flexible and tolerant towards ambiguity and uncertainty. And above all: we are always enjoying what we are doing.


How to Build Smartworld in Digital Economy

Digital Economy in the form of the technology and the mobile computing has already change the way of work, education, government, leisure and entertainment, generating new market opportunities and having a major economic impact across a broad range of sectors.

In digital economy, digital networking, immersive content and on line communication infrastructures provide a global platform over which people and organizations devise strategies, interact, communicate, collaborate and search for information. It is widely accepted that the growth of the digital economy has widespread impact on the whole economy.

Given its broad impact, vertical integration is actively trying how to respond to the changes brought about by the digital economy. For Vertical Integration, research and development of their response is of the essence. We are trying to innovate and use digital tools to improve the business in various strategic industries. In response, Governments and institutions are investing also in infrastructure and education.

The emergence of new digital on line infrastructure, including immersive interactive content, mobile devices and positioning technologies, paving the next radical shift in digital technology as it becomes embedded into strategic pinpoints such as education, government, commerce, media and ICT.

Therefore, Vertical Integration provide the foundation of Smartworld; concept that enabling the technology as a improvement provider for daily life dose activities. Now, we have seen new era is starting to evolve radically from slow growth environment into fast pace changing roles and environment with social media engagement and emerging digital economy. Strategically, Vertical integration in respond of those changes is now focusing in some areas that will build digital economy as one stop concept for everyone to make life better.

As starter we have been delivering Smartworld concept in many products in various industries to make solid pavement into Digital Economy, overtime these solutions; such as Augmented Reality education content technology, smart city for urban-management solution, lifestyle-retail , Magazine and New Media an other innovative application will be an integrated concept called Smart world.

Vi-technology delivers storage and virtualized data center solutions. Our key differentiator is based on our ability to provide efficient and agile solutions, leveraging cost saving technologies such as de-duplication, thin provisioning and compression.
VI-Technologies’ smart city solutions enable intelligent M2M connectivity and cutting-edge technology solutions in cities across the globe. Our full suite of wide-variety smart city solution technologies including mobile application, smart city connectivity, inter mode-smart transportation, smart parking and financial technology for public interest help bring efficiency, safety and innovation to fast-growing urban environments.
Build effective, easy accessible programs that can increase student literation. We provide digital library technology for mobile access to drive academic success through digital learning.



Company Value

VI values

-Value-added innovation solutions
-Team-work and family-persons
-Great & playful-place to work
-Creative and smart

VI strategy

- Global leading provider of innovative learning technology
- Continuously create innovation rapidly
- To provide vi-system products in every market segment